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 power up watts deck tips

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PostSubject: power up watts deck tips   Sun May 27, 2012 3:30 pm

Watts have caught my eye a few times in the past. The Watt deck is a strong, control based strategy that has multiple layers of protection. It also has many ways to gain advantage, ranging from the powerful effects of Wattgiraffe and Wattcobra, to the basic control of Thunder King Rai-Oh. The deck focuses on supporting and defending these monsters, because the longer they stay on the field, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

Another big strength of the deck is that Watt monsters can attack directly. In most metagames today, one Solemn Warning or Solemn Judgment can put you that much closer to getting pecked and poked to death by direct attackers. The ability to make uninhibited attacks is really good right now, since so many people are declining to run Mirror Force or Dimensional Prison because of the threat Inzektors present to those unchainable cards.

After the release of Wattgiraffe in The Shining Darkness, I was excited to see what more support Konami would provide for the Watt archetype. Some of the Watt monsters released after TSHD have killer effects that have flown under the radar. Throughout this article, I'm going to be taking a look at the specific cards that make this deck so powerful.

The reason why I like to play decks that people know little to nothing about, is that the opponent's lack of knowledge can have an important impact on the rest of the Duel. Game 1, your opponent can misplay because they don't understand the individual cards themselves. Your opponent may also find it hard to side against you when they barely even understand how your deck works as a whole. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and let me guide you through the wondrous way of the Watts!

Wattgiraffe is the MVP of the Watt deck, no Questions asked.
Wattgiraffe is one of the most broken cards in the game right now, hands down. A monster that can attack directly is always an annoying thing to face, and having a 1200 ATK direct attacker is no laughing matter. But that's far from the only reason why I'd call Wattgiraffe broken. The effect that this zoo-animal brings to the table can devastate your opponent.

If Wattgiraffe deals battle damage through a direct attack, it has a Cold Wave / Skill Drain effect. Your opponent can't activate spells, traps, or monster effects for the rest of the turn. What this means is simple: no Gorz or Tragoedia can be special summoned, no end phase Mystical Space Typhoon, no end phase Royal Decree. Some of the best plays with Wattgiraffe involve your opponent not getting rid of it soon enough. One of my opponents refused to activate Torrential Tribute or any of his three other backrow cards, because he had a monster on his side of the field that he didn't want to destroy. Once Wattgiraffe hit the board, I swung directly for 1200 damage. In my main phase 2, he was helpless as I unleashed Heavy Storm on his four cards, completely devastating him and winning me the game!

MVP Runner ups: Wattcobra and Wattpheasant
There are many other supporting characters in this deck. Wattcobra is a great card that gives you access to Wattgiraffe. It can also attack directly, and when it deals battle damage that way, it can add 1 Watt monster from your deck to your hand! You can grab another Wattcobra for additional bonuses next turn, search Wattgiraffe to freeze your opponent in their tracks, or even fetch Wattpheasant or Wattwoodpecker. It also works well fueling Wattcancel, too.

Wattpheasant is an under-appreciated card, but it's great in this current format. The effect of Wattpheasant allows you to remove from play one monster until the end phase. Using its ability to attack directly, you can deal battle damage and then banish an opponent’s monster in order for your other monsters (like Thunder King Rai-Oh) to attack as well.

What makes it even more of an MVP candidate is the ability to banish an opponent’s Xyz monster, which is great because when it leaves the field, all of its Xyz materials fall off! That can be devastating for your opponent. Let’s say you're playing against Dino Rabbit and your opponent controls Evolzar Laggia. He would have to waste his negation on the normal summon of Wattpheasant because if he doesn’t, the Wattpheasant would attack directly and remove Laggia from play, thus removing his materials and ensuring that pesky Laggia would never be able to negate anything else.
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power up watts deck tips
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